Child Reports

Daily SignIn Times Report  - Shows detailed information by day.

Weekly SignIn Report - Shows a summary of a child's weekly totals.

SignIn Exception Report - Will show if a child signed in for the period, but never signed out.

Printable SignIn Sheet - Provides you with a printed version of the signin sheet if you need a hard copy to be initialed by parents.

Employee Reports

Daily SignIn Times Report - Shows detailed information by day.

Weekly SignIn Report - Shows a summary of an employee's weekly totals.

SignIn Exceptions Report - Will show if an employee signed in for the period, but never signed out.

Admin Times Report - Allows you to enter in times that you spent shopping, cleaning, or do paperwork for your daycare.

 Center Reports

Open Hours Report - Looks at employee and child signin times for each day, and reports back with the first one to signin, and the last one to signout.  Then it gives you a total for that day.

Year End Open Hours Report - Same as above, but provides it in a summary form for each month.

Year End Admin Hours Report - Provides a summary by month of all Admin Times entered.

SignIn Module PRO 5.0 LITE (Add-On Software)

The SignIn Module PRO 5.0 LITE provides a home daycare center with the ability to record, and track the times that each employee,  and child are at your daycare.  Basically it is an enhanced time clock.  This version of the SignIn Module software is the 5th generation of our home based SignIn Module, and requires the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 LITE.

If you create hourly invoices then the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 LITE software can import a child's hours directly from the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 - no more manually adding up a child's attendance times!

You can easily import into the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 LITE what children were present for which meals - solely based off of the times they were signed into the software!

Year end tax information - such as the total hours your daycare was open for the year can be retrieved with a few clicks of a mouse.

Employee SignIn / Out Features

The SignIn Module 5.0 LITE can be used as an employee time clock to easily track, and record when your employee's are present and working. 

From the recorded signin and out times you can generate reports to aide you in your payroll needs.

Track an unlimited number of employees.

Child SignIn / SignOut Features

By signing in and out a child through the software you will maintain a complete record of exactly when a child is at your daycare.  Children can be signed in and out as many times in one day as needed, so if they come before and after school, and / or leave during the day you can easily track that time.

The SignIn Module PRO 5.0 LITE is capable of tracking 24 hour care automatically.  If your center has children signed in at midnight, they will automatically be signed out at 11:59PM, and then signed back in at 12:00AM.

Children are signed in and out by a specific button on the main page of the software.  Each child is provided their own button for this purpose.

From signing children in and out detailed attendance records can be printed out for payment assistance agencies, re-imbursement programs, or for your own records.

The SignIn Module PRO 5.0 is limited to 30 children.

System Requirements and Pricing

Detailed Information

Screen Prints

SignIn Module Reports

The SignIn Module PRO 5.0 LITE provides 11 reports within the SignIn Module itself.  Most of the reports can also be saved in a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, or comma delimited text format.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, 8.1,8.0, 7, Vista

Memory Required: 1GB

Hard Drive Free Space: 100MB