System Requirements and Pricing

Auction Information Systems PRO 2003

Detailed Information


The Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 software allows you to easily set up volunteers - those responsible for soliciting donations.  You are also able to assign donors to these volunteers so that you can easily track which volunteers have which donors.

The Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 software was designed to help those schools, and organizations which hold auction fund raisers.  This software allows you to easily enter all of the items you will be auctioning off, track the donors that provided the items, selling the packages to the bidders, and much much more.

This software will allow you to greatly reduce the administrative portion of your auction, thus allowing you to focus on other auction preparations.

Easy network / multi-computer setup

 With the purchase of the Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 database server and site license you will easily be able to install and run this software in a network environment.  Not only can you run this server in a local LAN environment - but you can also install this server on a computer that is externally accessible to the internet, and allow your users to update the software from any location that has internet access.

Checking Out Bidders

The CheckOut a Bidder window allows you to easily process and total a bidder's purchase.  If packages were assigned to the bidder through out the auction - their packages will automatically be displayed when they go to checkout. 

You also will have the ability to add and remove packages from a bidders purchase right from within the checkout window with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This process automatically calculates the sales tax (if any), and applies it to the purchase.  The software is designed to allow cash, check, and credit card payments - or any combination of these.

Once a bidder's purchase is completed a customized receipt is printed for that bidder, and the sale is automatically recorded.  After (or during) your auction you will be able to view several different reports detailing the purchases recorded, and even those purchases that are expected - just not yet completed.

Security Settings

The Security Settings of the Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 allow you to easily set up different users, and then restrict the areas of the software for which they are allowed to view / use. The Security Settings can easily be modified for each user. You also have the ability to grant a user the ability to look at something - but not the ability to modify the information.  This allows you to control who changes what information - effectively keeping too many hands from changing the data.


The Auction Information Systems PRO 2003 software provides you with over 20 reports - with more reports being added as the requests arrive. 

Most of the reports allow you to save the report in several different formats - thus being able to take your data and import it into another software (such as Microsoft Excel) package.  You also have the ability to save your reports in an HTML format - which can simplify the process of making a report available on a website.

You will find the reports not only helpful for the current auction - but also for preparing for your next auction.

Assigning Auction Packages To Bidders

The Assign Auction Packages window is a window which will be used through out the day of the auction.  This area of the software allows you to easily specify which bidder has successfully bid on a package, and how much they are to pay for the package.

Performing the Assign Auction Package process throughout the auction will greatly simplify, and significantly reduce the amount of time required to checkout your bidders when they are ready to pay for their items.

You can also assign packages during the checkout process - this allows you to add packages that may have been missed, or assigned incorrectly.

Create / Edit Auction Packages

The Create / Edit Packages window allows you to organize the items that were donated to your auction into the packages that will be auctioned off.  A package can contain 1 auction item - or several auction items within it.

Create packages with as few as 1 item, or with as many items as you wish.

Specify taxable and non-taxable packages.

Set minimum bids, and bid increments for your packages.

Easily edit packages which had been previously set up to add or subtract items from it.

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SetUp Information / Preferences

The SetUp Information / Preferences window allows you to customize many areas of the software to meet your needs.  This is an important area of the software that effects the way the software performs for you, along with customizing the print outs your donors and bidders will receive.

Enter your schools / organizations name, address, and logo information - this information will be displayed on your receipts.

Set your default city, state, zip, and area code information.  Entering this information into the setup can greatly reduce your data entry time later on within the software.

Customize the message that will appear at the bottom of your bidders receipts.

Customize the thank you letters which can be printed for your donors, and for bidders.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000. ME, NT 4.0SP6, 98

Memory Required: 256MB

Hard Drive Free Space: 30MB

Add / Edit Bidders

Entering bidder information is a function that will be used primarily the day of the auction, unless your bidders have pre-registered and have bidder numbers (paddles) already assigned to them.  After the auction you will also have the ability to print thank you notes, and address labels for your bidders - based off of the bidder information you have enters.

Able to enter bidder information prior to the auction (with assigned paddle), and during the auction.

Allows to easily search for a bidder.

Track how your bidders found out about your auction.

Entering bidder information allows you to later assign auction packages to the correct bidder with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Generate several reports based off of bidder information and purchase totals.

Add / Edit Auction Items

The Add / Edit Auction Items window allows you to enter all of the items that will be auctioned off, or have  been donated to your organization.  From this window you are also able to enter new donor information as you enter the auction items - saving you from having to exit this area of the software just to enter a new donor.

Once the auction items have been entered - you are then able to set up your auction "packages". 

Enter an unlimited number of auction items.

Edit previously entered auction items.

You are able to specify if items are taxable, or non-taxable.

Assign the appropriate donor to the item - so you will know what donor gave what item.