The DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 LITE & SignIn Module PRO 5.0 LITE is our most popular software package for our home daycare providers.

This software is essentially an electronic filing cabinet that maintains a complete record of child and employee information, payments, invoices, menus, meal attendance and much much more!  This software package is

The SignIn Module PRO 5.0 StandAlone provides a home daycare center with the ability to record, and track the times that each child, and employee are at your daycare.  Basically it is an enhanced time clock. 

SDS Software Solutions has been providing quality home daycare software since 1996.  Below you will find the different solutions that we provide for the typical home daycare provider.  For daycare software with even more options, and flexibility please select to view our daycare software for centers.

DayCare Information Systems PRO LITE

SignIn Module PRO StandAlone

This basic version of the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 series software was designed for the home daycare provider that only desires to track child information such as basic child information and payments. 

DayCare Information Systems PRO EXPRESS

Home DayCare Software