(Tripled the reports available in the '99 version!)

The FosterCare PRO 2006 software provides 12 different reports which can be viewed for any time period you select, and can be sorted anyway you wish with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The FosterCare PRO 2006 software is designed to help you keep a complete, and accurate record of your foster care home activities, and child information. Within this software package you are able to maintain a complete "folder" of each and every child you have had, or have in your care.  This version is our second generation for our FosterCare PRO software.  The majority of updates, additions, and changes that were made to this software came directly from our customers "wish" lists. 

Leave your spiral notebooks, and bulky folders behind!  Put all of your information within reach of a few mouse clicks!

Home Visit Information

Allows you to enter any comments you may have about a home visit made by your social worker.

Screen Shots

Child Information Folder 
(Many new enhancements!!)
This is the central location where you keep track of just about everything about every child.

Keep track of a child's personal information such as date of birth, social security number, ethnic background, and allowance amounts.

Enter any information such as when they came into your care, and when they left your care.  Enter the social worker responsible for your foster child here so you can easily look them up.

Maintain a complete medical history on the child, including the child's doctor, insurance (Medicaid), any medications they take, any special medical needs they may have, and a complete history of their shots.

Behavioral Information can be recorded either by checking the pre-selected boxes, or by entering your own notes into the provided area.

If the child is in school you can keep a keep track of their teacher, principal, counselor, and other school information.

There is a section designed for you to just enter any notes you may have about the child.  This "Journal Entry" section allows you to maintain notes about actions or mannerisms you observed, or just anything you wish to enter.

PICTURES!  If you have a scanner you can keep a complete "photo" album of the child.

Child Financial Tracking

Keep track of where the child's money is being spent, and on what.  Protect yourself!  Be able to show where any and all money went.

Maintain a separate clothing balance which will allow you to show exactly where their clothing allowance went.

Allows you to maintain electronically a child's balance for either clothing, and or a regular allowance.  This can be helpful if question by the state on how a child's money has been handled.

Will show an "OVERDRAWN" amount if the child has overspent their allowance. Therefore you can easily calculate what they need to pay back.

Schedule Appointments 
(Completely reworked from '99 software!)

The software allows you to enter upcoming appointments, or events that you may have, and it will then remind you of that event once it arrives.  You determine how many days before the event that it will remind you.

This can be helpful if you have upcoming doctors appointments, or school conferences, or for any event in general.

Email / Internet Functions (NEW!!)

Easily send emails from within the software.

Forward reports generated in the FosterCare PRO 2006 software in a PDF format to any email address.

Easily check (with an active internet connection) to see if an updated version of the FosterCare PRO 2006 software is available.

System Requirements and Pricing

Respite Care (NEW!!)

Easily record, and track when your foster children are temporarily placed in respite care.

Maintain a complete list of respite providers, and basic information concerning these providers.

Detailed Information

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, 8.1,8.0, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, ME, NT 4.0SP6, 98

Memory Required: 256MB

Hard Drive Free Space: 30MB

FosterCare PRO 2006

Incident Reports

If anything out of the ordinary happens to a child you can create what is called an Incident Report.  This report will automatically add the information to the child's journal, but also is easily retrieved through the incident report.  Reasons to create an Incident Report might be if a child breaks their arm, is caught shoplifting, severe problems at school.

Expense Functions (NEW!!)

Allows you to easily track expenses incurred, and those expenses can then be "tagged" to a specific child or children.

Easily view which expenses have been submitted for reimbursement, which expenses you are currently waiting for reimbursement on, and which you have already received reimbursement for.

Other Areas Of Interest

Maintain a complete address book which you have full control over.

Enhanced security for allowing access to the software based off of usernames. (NEW)

Maintain a "file" containing all of your training / classes you have taken.

Tip of The Day system to help point out areas of the program you may not find on your own.

Complete help system included to help you answer your questions.

Designed specifically for Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 and newer.

Designed in a foster care home, with the input of foster care providers around the country.

Allows you to maintain a log of your mileage used for your personal vehicle.

State Reimbursement

You can enter any funds which you receive for the care of foster children.  While this amount in most states is not considered taxable income, it is in some.  Plus it's just an interesting number to see, and track.

Provides you a way to see if you received your payment for a given child for a given period.