Payroll Calculation
The DayCare Information Systems PRO 2004 can create basic payroll calculations for your employee's based off of the hours they either were scheduled for, or off of their actual hours if using the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER

A tax table is included with the initial purchase of the software that is current for federal and state taxes.  Updated tax tables may be purchased annually from SDS Software Solutions.

This version of our daycare management software contains many more features than does the LITE version of the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 Series software.  Some of the additional features are full security access and control of the software, classroom functions, express billing, payroll calculation, improved networking ability, and much more!

The DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER is essentially an electronic filing cabinet that maintains a complete record of child and employee information, payments, invoices, menus, meal attendance and much much more! Childcare management software at it's best!

When you team up the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER, with the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER - you increase the functionality of the software even more! With the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER not only can you easily track your kids attendance, but you can also easily calculate the time your daycare was open for the year (needed for tax preparation), AND automatically import your children's meal attendance into the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 software based off of their signin and out times.  Children and employees can also be signed in and out using barcodes.

Order these two daycare software programs together and save money!

Program Security Controls

The DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER has the ability to block employee's from different areas of the program - so that they only have access to what you want them to have access to.  After you have set up the employee folder you can then go and set up permissions for them, and basically tell the computer what area of the program they are allowed into, and which areas to keep them out of.

If an employee attempts to access an area which is restricted to them, they will simply receive an error window stating to contact their administrator if they feel they should have access to this area.

Internet Capabilities

The DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 has incorporated a few new features that can be used with an active internet connection.  The reports will allow you to email them to any valid email recipient, and if your food program sponsor participates - you can email your menu and meal attendance information directly to your sponsor!

Child and Employee Folders

The Child and Employee folders allow you to keep a detailed "folder" of each child and employee, but without the paper.  There are many sections to these folders for each child or employee, but you only need to use the portions you are interested in.  There are no requirements for these folders - except for a first and last name, but the more information you enter, the more detailed your records will become.

Some highlights of the Child Folder are :

Keeps all parental information, and emergency contact information.

Maintain an ongoing shot record for each child.

Setup the type of billing you plan to do for each child, or if your not going to be billing at all.

Create a "photo album" for each child - assuming you have a scanner, or another way of importing pictures into the software.

Maintain important medical information for each child, emergency phone numbers, and insurance information.

If the child receives payment assistance - these values can be entered here to help when billing the child.

Enter a base schedule for the child to make schedule creation a snap every week.

Plus more . . .

Some highlights of the Employee Folder:

Keeps all basic employee information

Maintain hiring info, and pay rate info

Keep an ongoing training record for each employee.

Put the employee's base schedule in the folder to make creating employee schedules each week easier.

Classroom Functions

The classroom functions allow you to set up different classrooms, and then assign each of your children to a specific classroom.  This can be especially helpful if you are also using the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER.

When setting up a classroom you can specify the classroom name, teacher, class capacity, and then any specific comments for this classroom.  You can assign the child to a classroom either from the Maintain Classrooms window, or directly from the Child Folders window.

The Classroom Function window also allows you to print out a roster for each classroom,  and to create lesson plans for each room.

Detailed Information

Daycare Management Software

System Requirements and Pricing

DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER


The DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 provides you with over 60 different reports.  Most of the reports have the ability to be customized so that they display the information desired, for the time frame desired.  They also have the ability to be saved in several different formats, along with now having the ability to preview the reports prior to printing them out.

The reports are divided into 8 different categories Child Reports, Scheduling Reports, Employee Reports, Income and Expense Reports, Invoice Reports, Menu and Meal Attendance Reports, DayCare Forms, and finally the Year End Reports.

Screen Prints

Income and Expense

The Income and Expense window tends to be one of the most important areas of the software for most providers.  This is where you record all of your income received for your daycare, and then any expenses you may incur because of the daycare.  We have provided you with different options in recording this information - so that you can choose what best fits your needs.

Some highlights of the Income Entry are :

Post child payments to their account either by single child, or as a family as a whole.

Separate payment assistance monies from the monies paid you by your client.

Record all income received that were not from a child such as food programs.

If you provide refunds to a child for any reason - you can create the refund from within this window.

Print receipts out for child payments only if desired.  You can always go back and reprint receipts if needed at a later date through the income report.

Some highlights of the Expense Entry are :

Record your expenses, and track them by category, date, or store from within the general expense report.

Enter allocated / shared expenses (mostly used by home daycare's).  This total can be used at the end of the year to calculate the tax deduction you may take based off of your time / space ratio.

Menu Entry and Meal Attendance

This area allows you to enter your weekly menu easily with the few clicks of the mouse.  If you serve the same meals repeatedly you can also save those meals, and then load them on the appropriate days to simplify the menu entry process even further.  This menu can then be printed out to be posted for parents, or turned in to your food program.

You also have the ability to track which children were served which meal for every day of the week.  This information can easily be imported from the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER with the single click of the mouse, or you can manually select the children that were served meals.  Once you have selected the children that were present for meals you can then print out different meal attendance sheets.

We have also incorporated electronic submission of your menu and meal attendance information into this version of the software.  You can easily submit your monthly meal and attendance information VIA email, or you can print out the same information to be mailed into your sponsor.  Check with your food program sponsor to see if they are currently participating, or are interested in participating.

Standard Billing

The DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER allows you to bill your clients in several different ways.  Below you will find a brief summary of the Standard Billing system.

Standard Invoices are invoices that are created for your normal child care fees - those invoices are:

Period Invoice - You can bill your child a full time rate, part time rate, or by daily rates.  You also have the ability to add discounts and extra fees by the day, or once you have subtotaled the invoice.

Hourly Invoice - You can bill your child by an hourly rate, by the day.  This rate can be automatically calculated by a click of a button - importing the child's hours directly from the signin module, or you can simply enter their times for each day they were present.

Simple Period Invoice - Simply choose the period for the invoice, and the amount you wish to bill, and with a few clicks of the mouse your invoice is complete.

Simple Hourly Rate - Same as the hourly invoice above, however the hours are displayed as a total, and not broken down by day.

Other Invoices
Late Payment Invoice
Returned Check Invoice
Miscellaneous Invoice
Part Time To Full Time Invoice
Half Day To Full Day Invoice

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 10, 8.1,8.0, 7, Vista

Memory Required: 2GB

Hard Drive Free Space: 100MB