Site Licenses are available for the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER, and the SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER.  A site license allows you to install, network, and run the programs on MULTIPLE computers within the SAME center.

Network installation instructions can be provided after the purchase of the site license.   Basic requirements for networking the software packages are :

DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 CENTER & SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER

SDS Software Solutions has been providing quality daycare software since 1996.  For daycare software with fewer options please select to view our daycare software for home daycares.

This version of our daycare software contains many more features than does the DayCare Information Systems PRO 5.0 LITE version.  Some of the additional features are full security access and control of the software, classroom functions, express billing, payroll calculation, improved networking ability, and much more!

The SignIn Module PRO 5.0 CENTER provides your daycare center with the ability to record, and track the times that each employee,  and child are at your daycare.  Basically it is an enhanced time clock.  This version of the SignIn Module software is the 4th generation, and the majority of the enhancements and changes to the software are a direct result of input from current owners.

Center Based DayCare Software