Sds Software Solutions - About Us

SDS Software Solutions was originally formed to help fill a void in the availability of quality management software for home, and small daycare centers. While there was software that was available - there was very few QUALITY software packages available that a home user could afford.

Our software was developed in a daycare environment.  We are not a company proclaiming, or trying to know the daycare business, but instead we live the daycare world.  We began on what originally was a small project, but as more people learned about the software, and from their encouragement, we decided to market the package. Thus came the birth of SDS Software Solutions in 1996.

Since the beginning in 1996, SDS Software Solutions has grown dramatically.  We now have our software being used across the United States and Canada, along with several other countries.  We moved our location in 2000 from where we started in Battle Creek, MI to a new location in northern Michigan.  This new location will eventually allow us to expand our services even more as we enter the consulting, pc repair, network implementation, and a growing line of software products.


Video Restoration

Through our sister company LMS Virtual Solutions we can transfer 8mm reels, 8mm tape, VHS, miniDV, and others forms of video - and convert them over to todays media format of DVD or BluRay.


Custom Software

If you are in need of a custom software application please contact us, and allow us the opportunity to partner with you. We will, and have designed applications for private companies as needed.


Computer Repair

For those local to SDS Software Solutions - we also provide computer repair, installation, and planning.